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Marketing Gatorade Propel

            One channel issue that Gatorade Propel might face would be the difference in inventory management. While in the United States do a majority of our shopping for a weekly or even monthly basis, other countries might do most shopping on a daily basis. If this is the case, this might skew the distribution channel as to people that purchase products daily could tend to not buy in bulk. This could change the way Gatorade has to distribute their product. Another issue that Gatorade Propel will face in its distribution channel would simply be the lack of highway systems. Shipping in places such as here in the United States, England, or Germany would all be fairly easy due to having a well-established highway system. Gatorade would be able to deliver their products in a timely manor and be able to do it efficiently. However, if they have to deliver their products say, somewhere in South America, certain places within that continent could lack a highway system. This could make it potentially difficult to deliver their low calorie sports drinks. A good highway system allows for a reliable distribution channel, and when launching new products I believe it is crucial to always have on time shipments.
             Lastly, Gatorade Propel will face issues when it comes to translations. With social media on the rise, Propel will likely need to spend even more to be able to translate many different languages in order to get their message across to all users. This could be costly having to make multiple accounts for different languages and marketing campaigns in other dialects. Not only is the language barrier difficult, but the translation of currency and government regulations is also a factor. Other countries might have different taxing laws and tariffs that the distribution channel will have to get familiar with, which also makes it difficult.: The bulk of this discussion is not a channel issue; this is a marketing communications issue.

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