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Good Muslim, Bad Muslim - Book Analysis

            Mahmood Mamdani's book, "Good Muslim, Bad Muslim," reoriented my perceptions of the Muslim world due to his discussion of Afghanistan. Before reading this chapter, I didn't understand why violence was being associated with Afghanistan because of what was being brought on by the United States. Before you know it, I learned and had no idea how much harm the United States has done to the Afghans. The CIA played a big role in the Cold War because it intervened in the Islamic world by creating an Afghan Jihad. The CIA even made Osama Bin Laden leader of this Jihad, back when he was an ally for the CIA. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that the man who was said to have enforce the 9/11 terrorist attack, is the same man that was once an ally of the CIA. Basically, they funded and helped Bin Laden for what he had accomplished before he betrayed them and became one of our biggest enemies. In United States camps, future Jihadists were taught deadly skills, how to deal with explosives and automatic weapons. In my opinion, this was the most disturbing part of Chapter 3, knowing that your responsible for future terrorist attacks. By creating these camps the United States gave future terrorists information needed to carry out horrific and terrifying acts of violence. The majority of this chapter from the book has made me come to an understanding on how messed up our country really is.
             Mahmood Mamdani completely reorients my view of the Muslim world in his discussion of Afghanistan. Before reading this chapter, I did not understand that much of the violence associated with Afghanistan was brought on because of actions by the United States. Prior to the CIA intervening, the Islamic world did not have, "an armed jihad for nearly a century." The CIA changed this by creating an Afghan jihad. The CIA even made Bin Laden the leader of this jihad. In United States camps, future jihadists were taught how to deal with explosives, automatic weapons, and were taught, "deadly skills.

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