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A Brief History of Ancient China

            In a day in life in China you had to speak their language and write in there alphabet. There language was very interesting. So was there alphabet. Our alphabet is different than theirs'. They ate rice, sesame seeds, soy beans, chili peppers, mung beans, wheat, tofu, noodles, and bean curds. They used most of this stuff to make dumplings and noodles. People who owned fields, even though not under any lords, still had to pay tax. They worked a certain amount of hours in public. Some of the public jobs were working at the canals, fixing the roads, or serving in their army.
             They paid for stuff with coins with holes as currency. The coins were attached together for storage. There was a term "string of money," that means to have a thousand coins strung together. They wore tribal robes. Those were long robes with a knot tied in the back. Some woman wore beautiful long silk robes. Most robes had a beautiful design with lettering or a picture, which meant something. They had used the foot binding process to women, a cruel practice. Small feet were considered a sign of beauty in women. They would break the toes at the age six or seven and wrap the toes up in bandages. It would slow the growing process down of the feet and reduce the feet's size. They did this for a period of ten years.
             The Chinese used coins with holes as their currency. The coins were strung together for storage. A 'string of money' was the term used to symbolize one thousand coins strung together. There weren't any banks in ancient China, so that's why they strung together the coins. China is located in the eastern Asia. China lies about the same distance north of the United States as it does south. The geography of the land has a basin, rivers, seas, and other geographic landmarks. China's lands are bordered on the east by the Yellow Sea, East China Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. While the landforms in ancient China remain much the same as they were thousands of years ago, the people's relationships with the land are now different.

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