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How to Become An Excellent Professor

            Many teachers or trainees wonder what makes them a respected and loved professor. Being a good teacher is not only about teaching methods or how good the lectures are, it is about connecting with the student and stretching their knowledge and beyond many things than that. A good teacher or professor treats the students as if they are his or her own children. Therefore, having the great purpose of sharing their knowledge with them. Most professors' greatest purpose is seeing their students find their way to a successful path, not to show them nor have conflicts with them. The following ideas may help the ones that are willing to become a good teacher.
             Firstly, what I would like to recommend is that the professor has to have lots of enthusiasm. Of course, giving out good lectures is important. However, it is about sharing the knowledge with the students. The person cannot talk in a sleepy voice or show irritation on his or her face from what they have endured during the day. Otherwise, students will get the impression that the teacher does not like to teach the class. A passion is what every teacher has to have in order to teach and to make your students learn. In addition, let us not forget humor is just as important as the enthusiasm. It is very important! Using icebreakers and helping the students get used to the intimacy of the classroom is one of the essentials of teaching. Therefore, teachers can never forget to make innocent jokes on their own actions mostly so that the students will feel the warmth of his or her personality and that teachers are also a human being who makes mistakes as them. Once that has done, they will gradually open up.
             Secondly, associating with the peers is also necessary. Take an interest in the class. Students must feel comfortable enough to start an open conversation with the teacher. Listening to what they have to say, giving them good responses, questioning their thoughts and learning how to connect with each one of them is what an excellent professor has to do.

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