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Tools and the Manufacturing Process

             In these paper we discuss about few frequently used tools and their properties and manufacturing processes. Coating used for tools and the advantages of the coatings, the processes where these manufacturing tools are used and why these tools fair better than their tools are explained here. .
             Cutting tool is being used in every day life, for example kitchenware, metal works, heavy machineries and many more. Cutting tools are used in initial stages and finishing stages for removal of excess metal from the desired shape and finishing the process by polishing the surfaces. The property of the cutting tool should be higher than that of the subject being shaped and cut so that the cutting tool will not fail while the process is taking place. A cutting tool will have to withstand higher heat and longer life. .
             Cutting tools have been used from the age of industrial revolution i.e. the 1800 AD. The tools being used during that time were raw and very fragile, until R. Mushet found out that mixing tungsten with the metal could increase the strength and life of any tool. As time passed many more tools were found out with mixture of metals making the cutting tools strong and can cut through any metal available. ( 'The New Rules of Cutting Tools -- Introduction: Modern Machine Shop', n.d.).
             Cutting Tool Material.
             Use of the right cutting tool is important in a cutting process. Different process used different cutting tools. The most used and commonly used cutting tools are mentioned below.
             1) Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD).
             PCD are made from natural or synthetic diamond in the powdered form. Then binders are added at a temperature ranging from 1000 to 2000 °c and pressure of 50000 to 100000 atmospheres. The diamond and binders are sintered; during the sintering process the binders and diamonds form a diamond crystal like structure. These combined products are generally in sheets. To cast these into the desired shape of the cutting tool a pulse discharge energy is used to melt the PCD sheets and casted to get the desired triangular or square shape.

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