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Painting Review -Madonna and Child

             Throughout history, art has been created in many different kind of forms. Every artist has a different taste and owns a special technique or styles in their work. During their career as a painter, they will as well get influence by other artists, but they will also start to develop their own style or techniques later in their career. For example, Bartolomeo Suardi was influenced by Bramante and Simone Martini was influenced by Giovanni Pisano, however, these influences were allowed them to successfully develop their own styles and introduced it to others during their time period. Bartolomeo Suardi and Simone Martini both have a drawing depicted Madonna and Child. With an almost similar drawing, they were able to use their own unique ways to show the difference and tell the story behind the painting.
             Bartolomeo Suardi, also known as Bramantino was an Italian painter and architect. He was born in Milan, and is the son of Alberto Suardi. His work reveals the influence of painters such as Butinone and Zenale, but the painter who profoundly influenced his style was Bramante ("Bramantino"). Bramantino's style was complex and eclectic. Even though he was considered one of the most important painters of his day, his influence on artists of his circle was minimal. In 1525, he was named both architect and painter to Duke Francesco II Sforza ("Madonna and Child"). Bramantino revealed to have a great interest in the technical aspects of architecture and perspective, he also devoted most of his works on this technique. .
             Simone Maritini was a Sienese painter, the pupil of Duccio. He developed the use of outline for the sake of linear rhythm as well as the sophisticated color harmonies implicit in Duccio. He was influenced by the sculpture of Giovanni Pisano, and even more by French Gothic Style ("Simone Martini"). He painted so many frescoes and introduced fresco technique in to Sienese school.

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