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Biography of Ho Chi Minh

             The individual who has a tremendous impact on me is a person I have never had an opportunity to meet. He was the first President of Vietnam who drove the entire country out of the haziness of oppression and enduring French colonialism. He was Ho Chi Minh, and I admire him because of different reasons. Firstly, Uncle Ho taught me to be faithful to the nation and dedicated to the people by sacrificing all his life for the purpose of the country and citizens. All that he had done was not for his benefit such as personal thriving; it was for everyone. Secondly, uncle Ho was a determined man in my mind. For instance, he decided to go overseas to gain new knowledge since he was a young adult so that he could rescue the country from enslavement. Lastly, although he could request for sumptuous equipment for himself such as luxuries meal and clothes by what he have done, however, he was austerity. He dressed in regular clothes and lived in a hut even worse than other people. In my opinion, Uncle Ho is a legend, a hero that I can follow and learn from. .
             Ho Chi Minh was born on 19 May, 1890 in Hoang Tru Village, in the central of Vietnam. He was the youngest of a three children family in which his father was a public servant attached to the imperial court. Ho Chi Minh's father, Nguyen Sinh Sac, was removed from his job because of criticizing the French colonial power. At ten years of age, his mother died. Despite his family tragedies, he had the capacity go to a French Lycee in Hue and later turned into a tutor. These gave him a strong volition when he was young (Kallie Szczepanski 2015). According to Columbia.edu, "When Ho Chi Minh was born in 1890, Vietnam was under French control. The French had split what was known today as Vietnam into three separate states - Cochin China (South Vietnam), Annam (Central Vietnam), and Tonkin (North Vietnam)". Individuals lived in French Indochina had little influence in the administration of their government and few rights.

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