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Origins of the Human Race

            Classification as defined by the Oxford dictionary is "[the] arrangement of things in a number of distinct classes, according to shared characteristics or perceived or deduced affinities." Classifying species has been one of many controversial topics around the world, but when religion is added to the picture, it creates a tension; that many wish to understand. Even though there are many creational stories of how humans evolved there is no certainty if there will ever be an absolute idea that is considered correct. .
             "Will science and religion ever get along," has always been one of many questions that cannot yet be answered. As we take a step further back in time we have an understanding that science and religion were not against each other. Science was respected by religion until the late eighteen hundreds. However there is a better understanding about this tension, it grew due to the control of who had authority amongst people. This, then caused the persecution of those who dared to question or challenge the authority of the Catholic Church, since in those days religion had the absolute power. We encounter a perfect example in the reading "The Roots of Conflict: Science and Religion before Divorce" by Adam Frank, we find Giordano Bruno being hanged for his challenge against Catholicism; with his idea was that earth was not the center of the solar system. .
             There are different ideas that show how humans arrived to Earth, the most common and most talked about is the ancestor shared with apes. We have various studies that conclude to the idea that we, the human race, evolved from apes; but yet there is still no "official" evidence since we are missing "the link" or species that can officially state whether we are derived from apes or not. This is when evolution comes in, the idea of evolution was first known through Charles Darwin, in his book "The Origin of Species" which explains, that everything evolves from its original state to what it is now.

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