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Was the Vietnam War Justified?

            How would you feel if your home, the one place you and your family can feel safe to practice and believe in whatever they wanted to was constantly being invaded by your next door neighbor who thinks otherwise. You would most like be furious and attempt to put an end to the reign of tyranny at all costs. Well this is pretty much how the Vietnamese felt when the United States had decided to step in and involve themselves in the Vietnam war as a way to prevent communist takeover of south Vietnam. Although the United States felt like it was the right thing to do, at the end of the day when all was said and done I believe that our involvement in the Vietnam war and the policies that followed were in no way shape or form justifiable up to its completion. .
             My first reason on why on I believe the Vietnam war and the policies that followed were not justified up to its completion is that the United State's involvement in the war itself was built and fueled by lies. For example just recently after certain classified documents were released to the public, it was revealed that the United States had lied to its citizens about the Gulf of tonkin incident. Which was one of the main factors that led us to even be able to join the war. This just goes to show that the government had already knew what they were trying to get themselves into and that the citizens would have had wanted no part in it. So in order to get what they wanted, they had to fabricate an attack directed at the United States to motivate U.S citizens in wanting us to step in and intervene. .
             In addition to lying about one of the main the incidents that got the United States involved in the Vietnam war, the United States continued to lie to its citizens even during the war about many things such as the total deaths of the U.S soldiers, the number of Vietnamese soldiers that were killed and the number of U.S troops that were deployed to Vietnam.

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