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The Right Course of Utilitarianism

            This paper is in contrast to Magdalena Kay's article "A New Course". She proposes a new course, well this paper will address the right course in regards to higher education and how to embrace utilitarianism in universities. Kay argues that colleges are leaning more towards utilitarianism and for-profits and this is leading to higher education being less "relevant". I will argue that colleges are benefiting from utilitarianism ideology. Utilitarian want to help students achieve what they are personally looking for in higher education. It does not just give students a course and say follow this course no matter what. It shows students they have opinions and their opinions matter. (Neem).
             Kay believes that this approach is geared towards students being taught only to adhere to job requirements or economic activities of our society. I have little doubt that some believe the role of education is to ready students for economic activities in society. Robin Barrow writes in Giving Teaching Back to Teachers, "A view will not die, although it has been killed more than it knows, is that the solution to the problem of establishing a worthwhile curriculum lies in seeking out content that is useful or relevant." (Gingell) Does everything need to be relevant to teach students? No, relevance can be subjective to the student's needs and wants too. Does this mean they are just entertaining students? .
             No, students are being stimulated and inspired. Who knows better than someone who sees the way students respond better than teachers. This doesn't necessarily mean that all teachers are utilitarian in their approaches to teaching though. Teachers need to feel there is flexibility in the way they teach and in the ways they convey their teachings to students. To teach everyone in the "common" way, may not resonate as well for other students. Kay fails to address this aspect and view in her article.

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