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Climate Change in Cambodia

            What would you do if every day you had to worry about floods wiping out your house? Well, for many people in Cambodia they do have to worry about such things everyday due to Global Warming. From this, problems such as starvation, extreme weather, and lower standard of living have arisen. Cambodia, along with the rest of the planet is experiencing the effects of global warming, due to the sun's rays being captured in the Earth's atmosphere. These rays are reflected on the crust of the earth and raise its temperature. The rise of carbon dioxide as a result of combustion has contributed to this problem (Thevongsa). Cambodia is one of the most affected by this because of its high combustion rate and placement on the Earth. Cambodia is also going through a post-civil war, which leaves them in no place to counter the bad effects of global warming. Because of Cambodia's weak economy and delicate government they cannot afford to enforce environmentally friendly practices and, as a result, are one of the greater polluters on this planet. The Cambodian Government had to make a choice to help individuals or to bring everyone together as a community to develop new technical solutions (GCCA). While all nations take the tolls of global warming, the Cambodian people are second most affected by the environmental change and are beginning to use technology to prevent damage of their strengthening community from disrupted ecosystems, flooding, and rise in temperature.
             The disrupted ecosystems of Cambodia are harming nearly every aspect of Cambodia itself. An example of this is the decrease in fish in Cambodia due to unfit bodies of water. As a result of the lack of fish the people of Cambodia have greater trouble supplying their families with food. Not only does Cambodia's hunger rise but there economy takes a dive as well. The market for fish is greater in Cambodia than most other countries and if the level of fish goes down a component of Cambodia's market becomes disrupted.

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