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Politics and America's Independent Party

            The United States of America is an non-dictatorship country, which allows citizens to have their own opinion and political views.This right we have as American citizens is stated in the U.S. Constitution in the First Amendment, that all American citizens has the right of freedom of speech. With grant citizen the freedom to select for the multiple types of political parties: Republican, Democratic, Constitution, Moderate, Independent etc.Even Though these party have different beliefs of how the nation should be run, they both have a common factor.They have confidence that their party rights should be legalized. In my personally opinion I don't stand with a particular political party but if it came down the line would be an Independent party.
             An Independent party is non partisan politician is an individual politician not affiliated to any political party, hold a centrist viewpoint between those of major political parties. To same it down I support/disagree with all political parties, some their law in my opinion should be a national law. For example Democrats party want to pass a law which the upper class citizens to pay more for taxes then the lower and middle class citizens. An average low upper class citizens such as doctors, lawyer, and successful small business own would make up to $100,000 - $250,000 per year. A higher class citizen with are entertainers, C.E.O to big business, athletics, and etc get an income of $500,000 - billions per year. With the high income they earn per year you would believe they would automatic pay an increase of taxes? But they don't, statistics show that middle class citizens paid higher taxes than upper class Americans who can afford the tax increasing. This leave larger amount of middle class man struggling to pay back school loans and support their family with the high amount of taxes they have to pay. I strongly agree with the Democratic party in this law they trying to pass, this should be a natural law.

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