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Endgame by Samuel Beckett

            In reading the short and unorthodox work by Samuel Beckett, Endgame, a reader could pick up on many different themes and occurrences throughout the story. Beckett was known for his writing style which was far from conventional. His style was very simplistic and somewhat detached from the rest of the literature world. Endgame is the best example of his unorthodox style, and approach to writing. Throughout the story readers immediately pick up on a sense of finality that the characters are seeking, whether that finality is coming at the ending of their lives, or just the end of a day. The characters are also just surrounded by depression; the setting within it dark, grayish and lifeless. This setting conveys the sense of depression and finality that Beckett focuses on throughout.
             Another intriguing aspect in this reading was that within Endgame, readers are introduced to four characters; Hamm, Clov, Nagg, and Nell. Beckett's simplistic style is truly on display with only the mention of these four characters, yet the depth to each character is nothing to leave unanalyzed. Each character possesses various traits that set them apart from the others. As readers go through the story, they quickly find that the characters that they are paired up with cannot make it without the other character. Hamm has Clov as Clov does everything Hamm orders him to do; Hamm would not be able to do anything without Clov. Nagg and Nell are Hamm's parents who seemingly just babble about nonsense throughout. It is seen that Hamm is unable to stand or see, and that Clov is unable to sit as he serves Hamm. Both Nagg and Nell are legless and live in dustbins next to each other; their presence was somewhat random, and the various things they spoke of did not make much sense. .
             When shifting the focus back to the aforementioned senses of depression and finality, the characters repeat the phrase "It's finished" as if to speak of the end of their times, truly drawing in the depressed sense of mind.

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