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Internal Struggles in Julius Caesar

            William Shakespeare is one of, if not the most well renowned authors of all time. His works have substantially influenced modern literature and the English language overall. Shakespeare's works have been translated into every major known language and his plays are preformed more often than any other writer. Julius Caesar, one of his most famous plays, tells the tale of a well-respected politician named Brutus who is faced with an internal conflict that could decide the fate of Rome. The internal conflict and choices he would come to make would profoundly contribute to the overall meaning of the play. .
             This quarrel within the mind of Brutus would not be settled so easy. Along with this he faced many external pressures. Even though he was a important and well-respected political figure he had one major flaw: being easily manipulated. His associate Cassius would come to exploit this flaw by attempting to use him as a puppet in order to murder Julius Caesar, the soon to be king. Brutus was faced with the conflict of wanting the best for Rome and not being sure if Caesar was fit to reign over the great empire. At that time Caesar was admired by the people for being a great general. Brutus saw him differently, he described him as a snake and said of his governing: "I have not known when his affections sway'd more than his reason" (JC, II, i) By this he meant that he ruled with emotion, not reason. This would be a problem if he sat upon the throne; he would think of himself before his kingdom. Yet again, he bore no argument on how Caesar would rule as king, expressing this by saying: "the quarrel will bear no color for the thing he is." (JC, II, i) Portraying him as a "thing" showed his cruel nature as if he were some kind of beast. Yet the people viewed Caesar as a god and it was clear that he abused his power over them, but wether or not this would lead to him acting as a tyrant is the question Brutus couldn't answer himself.

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