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The Trayvon Martin Case

            The Trayvon Martin tragedy has been a controversial case in society and is still a hot topic on major news sites and social media. This shooting has sparked and affected many citizens, famous rapper and inspired many to protest, rally and try to gain 'justice' in America. This case was so big and world wide known, that it has been in comparison to the O.J Simpson trial. People of all ethnicities shared different views as to why they believe that Trayvon Martin was killed in self-defense, while others believed that it was just another murder gone without justice. On one hand, Zimmerman stated that he shot Trayvon in self-defense, and on the other hand, the community including people in the law enforcement, states that Zimmerman shot Trayvon because of racial profiling. I think that stereotyping definitely played a huge role in this case. Black males tend to be portrayed as suspicious individuals that are up to no good, which isn't always the case. What makes one "suspicious" needs to be reevaluated.
             The George Zimmerman's trial played continuously on the television, and there were some inconsistencies that made me feel that he did not do this out of self-defense. When he went back to the car to notify the dispatcher that Trayvon looked "suspicious", they told him to stay in the car, which he did not do. He did the exact opposite by pursuing Martin who was walking home from a store. In many states there is a duty to retreat that must be observed before deadly force can be employed. Deadly force may only be used if the person is unable to safely retreat from the confrontation. Also, I feel that a volunteer watch should not have a gun on them. Maybe pepper spray or another weapon that can help them flea a confrontation, oppose to killing someone is much more appropriate for the job. I think that Zimmerman could've definitely left the scene before it got physical or just listened to the dispatcher in the first place.

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