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School Districts in British Columbia

            Do you actually know how to fill out a job application form? Do you have a bank account with a good amount of money in it? Are you an organized person and can handle a real life situation? Kids spend too much time in school learning about history, they learn how to do algebra, measure a circle, they learn about galaxies and how to create explosions,but is that what's really going to get them far in life? Are these facts something they will forget in the next couple of years? The B.C school district teaches kids so much about other subjects and really doesn't get them ready for the real world. There are many reasons to support my statement on why the B.C. school district teaches kids so much about other things and doesn't actually keep them focused on the real world and the finical difficulties that they need in order to do well in life. High school is giving kids too many chances, a class in life skills should be mandatory, learning doesn't actually "pay" the bills. .
             For one, have you ever actually thought about how many chances high school gives you? In high school if you fail a class you can try AS many times as you like and you still have the opportunity to pass the course. In life you can't just keep trying and trying. If you mess up in a job, there is a big chance you can make your costumer unhappy or you can actually get fired from your job. Basically schools not preparing you for the real world. In life just because you're good at studying doesn't mean that you will be good at working. The skills that you need to know in school, are usually not the skills that you need to know in life. The ability to think critically and hand in your work on the dead lines will help you.but memorizing a bunch of definitions, spelling words and equations isn't going to get you that far in life. Actually think about it, you study, you write down what you remember and from your own knowledge if you forget the answer you are pretty much going to do bad on the test.

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