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Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers

            In the book called Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers, Richie Perry is a person who's a emotional and changeable. Richie Perry is like this just like any person is. Based on the storytelling, he is kind, caring, good-thinker, great writer, dreamer, and most of all a smart person. He was very smart because he almost earned a scholarship, his literature writing letters are well done. The fact that he thinks about war in such a grand definite way of his journey adventures. Perry is so much special and most of all he's the main character who experiences the wildlife, and the part that he suffered a lot only to know he's been there for one year is mind-blowing. This is who Richie Perry and how he's a main character to get to know where his is.
             To being explaining all the facts about Richie Perry, I'd like to say how Richie Perry is changeable and emotional in the story so I can explain him better. Richie Perry throughout the start of his life in the book, he was having a tragedy life. Now he wasn't abused, sick, bullied, etc like those type of stories you see. Richie Perry was fine in physical form until one day he lost everything. His scholarship, money, a healthy leg, a happy family, and maybe more. Perry lost a scholarship which was the only hope for his future and his family's too. He was beginning to feel hopeless and not confident. His esteem wasn't good in emotionally. His mentally part wasn't well, he was stressful, worried, etc. His life was in New York was bad. He lived with violence,family problems, money issues. Perry dependent on his education. This is how the education and the environment molded him, and his life of physically, mentally, and emotionally.
             Even though Richie Perry was the young man who was brave enough to go to the war for money, in the inside he was suffering more. Richie Perry never thought he would be in a position of such a terrible feeling. Richie was getting more confused, disconsolate, etc.

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