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Alternate Ending to Pinocchio

            Once upon a time, there was a young humble couple that lived in a small Italian village. The husband, Geppetto, worked in a small shop that he owned as a woodcarver. His wife, Marzia, was a stay home wife. Everything was going perfectly fine for the newlyweds. They had their own home, Geppetto had his own shop and was making enough money for him and Marzia. It was the perfect life for them. Except, one small little detail was missing in order to make it even better, a little boy.
             One sunny afternoon, Marzia was on her way to Geppetto's workshop from the local clinic. She had some great news for her husband. Marzia knocked on the door very jubilantly. To let Geppetto know she was pregnant. Geppetto was so happy that he decided to go out to celebrate and close the shop early. Marzia was getting a little impatient so she decided to help her husband out on closing the shop. Geppetto suggested she should get rid of all the scrap wood. She gathered all of the wood on a wheel barrel. And made her way to the back of the shop to the wood chipper.
             As Marzia was walking to the back, she was so excited about her pregnancy. She was already thinking of names for a baby boy. She was the already daydreaming of her baby boy's first word, first steps, and first day of school and how joyous overall happiness. Of all the daydreaming she dropped all of the wood in front of the wood chipper. She started picking it up but she picked up more than she could handle. She had stacked up all the wood up to the top of her head. As she walked towards the wood chipper, she tripped over a piece wood she had left out and fell inside the wood chipper head first. She didn't even have time to scream.
             Geppetto finished closing the shop up and walked to outside but he noticed that Marzia was taking too long. He decided to wait another ten minutes to see if she would show up soon. Finally he decided to all to the back of the shop. When he arrived he saw blood splattered everywhere.

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