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Fear, Propaganda and Technology in 1984

            George Orwell was a well-known writer for dystopian novels. In George Orwell's novel 1984, the party uses fear, propaganda, and technology as methods to keep the citizens of Oceania under control. In these methods of controlling the people of Oceania there will be examples on how each on is used, and how Orwell created the dystopian novel showing how Oceania was not a perfect place where anyone wanted to live during the time in the novel.
             To begin, one method that The Party uses is fear to control the citizens of Oceania. Although citizens have their own lives they live in constant fear from the Party. One example of the Party controlling its people with fear is the infamous Room 101. Room 101 holds each individual's greatest fear. When people are arrested and interrogated, they are sent to Room 101 where the Thought Police will scare them and force them to say what The Party wants to hear. In the novel, when Winston is held captive in the Ministry of Love, he comes across a man who had been tortured horribly and is referred to "skull-faced man". When this man was called to go into Room 101, he cried, yelling, "Do anything to meHang me. Sentence me to twenty- five years. Is there somebody else you want me to give away But not Room 101!" (Orwell 71). Room 101 had brought this man his greatest fear to life and by utilizing the fears that each citizen has, The Party can control them however they want. Another example of how The Party controls its people with fear is through children. The children of Oceania are manipulated to tell on their parents when they are breaking laws. Children that were born after the revolution grow up being taught that they should worship Big Brother even if family is involved. In the novel, children in Oceania grow up with a mindset of always following what The Party orders. Parsons was denounced by his little daughter to the Thought Police because "she listened at the keyhole, heard what [Parsons] was saying, and nipped off to the patrols the very next day" (3).

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