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Discovery of the Mary Celeste

            There are lots of mysteries in the world today and even more from looking back at the past and contemplating things that were and events that happened. One of these was the finding of a seemingly abandoned ship, the finding of the Mary Celeste. The ship was found with no passengers and no reason to be abandoned. These events eventually inspired an aspiring young writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to write a book about the events surrounding the Mary Celeste which leads to unlikely rumors that lead into other myths. Also Scientist have found a very likely and plausible reason for the crew to leave. The Mary Celeste was most likely abandoned by choice.
             The Mary Celeste was an abandoned ship found off the coast of Spain. Mary was a one hundred feet long, two hundred eighty-two ton, Canadian built brigantine. The large ship was found on December 5, 1872, by a Captain Morehouse, while sailing to Spain. Upon further inspection of the ship, it was completely empty of any humans (living or otherwise), though it looked as if the passengers of the ship had left in a hurry, and no damage was found to the ship. None of the passengers, Captain Briggs, his wife Sarah, their two year old daughter, and a the crew were ever seen again.
             The story of The Mary Celeste tends to dollop into other mysteries throughout its years. The speculation into others myths links mostly back to a book written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his early writing years. The book was based on The Mary Celeste but the book was a work of fiction, not fact, and starts rumors of other forces at work. Some start using other myths as reasons for the disappearances. The theories started leading into even pirates and "creature of the deep," aliens, pre-invented submarines (submarines were not invented at this time), giant squids, and even to great lengths such as time travel. However there is no evidence of these myths so they are not, in fact, liable explanations for the mysteries revolving The Mary Celeste.

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