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The Human Spirit in King Lear

            Our spirit is what can fuel us in our lives, and the conflicts that we face can affect and damage our spirit. In the classic tragedy play, King Lear, playwright William Shakespeare suggests that, often times, the most painful conflicts we have are those that we impose upon ourselves. When we fail to be truthful about the conflict we have cause and the repercussions of the conflict, the negative emotions generated by the lack of self-honesty can eat away at the spirit, making us lose touch of reality. We often go through a cycle of how we deal with our conflict, to try and get it off of our spirit but not accepting the blame. We will push the situation on others, to try to make us feel better and uplifted because we were able to take the liability of the situation off of us and move on.
             "Nothing will come of nothing." Stated by King Lear. This statement was his reaction to Cordelia's response to the amount of love that she has for her father. Cordelia can be perceived to be the favourite child out of the three, the other two being Regan and Goneril. When she refused to give untruthful compliments to Lear, like her sisters, Lear was faced with a devastating conflict. He felt as though he had been wronged and defied, as being King it was unheard of to not follow what the King asks of you. King Lear at this moment can be likened to being filled with rage that caused him to be blind of the truth of the love that Cordelia expressed. Instead of confronting Cordelia about the answer that she gave him, he banished her out of the kingdom leaving his care solely in the hands of Goneril and Regan. As human beings we like to perceive our selves as strong individuals, we mask our true feelings so we don't have to deal with the conflict or surrender our pride. The more we refuse to give in to our emotions the heavier it weighs on our spirit.
             A way to avoid conflict is by transferring it onto others.

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