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Breaking Tradition in Academia

             Online education is vested, thriving, and will remain so due to the groundbreaking advances of it as of late. It is creating fresh, innovative chances for students as well as for pedagogue, architects of education, and the institutions where learning happens themselves. Much of the scholarly advances today will be implemented and molded into university plans to convert campuses into centers for blended courses that serve traditional and non-traditional ideals on college campuses across the United States. Some of what is learned will greatly improve methodologies in education and perhaps shake other significant issues, such as time to complete; a degree becomes more time-consuming with added requirements. Online education is already providing superior avenues, which allow others to access education on their own time. This in-turn will benefit all those interested in continuing their education by providing access in the coming years to achieve the end goal of successfully completing the degree of their choice.
             Breaking Tradition in Academia: Why Shifting to Online Education is Groundbreaking.
             What Breaking Tradition Really Means.
             Breaking tradition sounds drastic, radical, and irrational when referring to innovation in the academic world. So why muddle with a system that we know works and has worked decade after decade? Traditional classrooms are called traditional for a reason and that reason is, it has proven to be an effective way to educate students. For many decades, the primary setting of traditional academic education consisted of the teacher standing at the front of the class, giving a lecture on the topic at hand while the students actively listen and take notes on that topic which they would probably see again in the form of a test or even a class discussion. Traditional classrooms offer social interactions with both the instructor and your fellow classmates. Classes taken in classrooms are more controlled by operating on a schedule instead of relying on the student to log in each week to complete the lesson plan that has been assigned.

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