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             Australian aborigines, native people of Australia who probably came from somewhere in Asia at least 30,000 years ago. .
             Aborigines were the first people who came to Australia. Their original name is "kooris". They were called "Aborigines" by the first European settlers. They had lived alone in Australia for more than 40,000 years until the arrival of the British settlers in 1788. .
             The way of life of the Aborigines was dominated by Dreamtime. Dreamtime is their kind of religion, which comprises all things of life, for example nature, animals, humans, hunting and fishing. Even today Aborigines believe in Dreamtime. The events of Dreamtime are enacted in ceremonies, pictures, music and dance. Many dances can tell long stories, which Aborigines are able to understand. Many stories are also shown in rock paintings. Those stories and dances and all the rituals were handed down from generation to generation because Aborigines didn't have any letters or records. They just taught their children the history of Dreamtime. .
             Aborigines painted their bodies with colours of fruits and .
             the Didjeridu was played by male Aborigines during ceremonies and celebrations. The Didjeridu is a wooden trumpet ( two and a half meters long) which is made from eucalyptus. It was also used as a healing instrument for illnesses. .
             During the time when the kooris were alone in Australia they used a carefully designed system of burning off the grass and bush. This cleared the land and let new fresh grass grow. .
             It was the men's job to go hunting the big animals. But the women also had to go fishing and hunting and they had to collect berries and fruits.
             Their tools and weapons for hunting were the Boomerang and many wooden kinds of spears. The spear was very especially important for hunting. .

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