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Rehabilitating Victims of Human Trafficking

            Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, currently second after illegal drug-trade. Human trafficking is a violation of human rights and considered to be a form of modern day slavery, the illegal trade of humans for forced labour or exploitation; fortunately it is recognized as a growing issue in the United States. Exploitation refers to the use of other individuals for prostitution or any forms of forced labour. Trafficking victims do not have to be foreign born or transported across borders; in fact, many are born in the United States and are never moved from their recruitment city. I propose that the U.S government should educate women and young children who may become victims of trafficking, spread awareness, and to have more efficient programs to help the trafficking victims recover. .
             Woman and young children living in poverty are normally the ones who fall in the trap of the traffickers. Due to poverty many woman are not educated and are not employed leaving them with no choice but to sell their bodies to provide for their families. Approximately 17,500 foreigners are trafficked each year in the United States alone; the number of United States citizens trafficked within the United States is even higher.1 Many Americans remain oblivious of human trafficking within the United States because they believe that this type of slavery only occurs in third-world countries, but trafficking happens all around the world including the United States. .
             Human sex trafficking is when people are forced or tricked into commercial sex trade against their will. Victims of sex trafficking can be any age, race, or gender, but mostly young girls are the most vulnerable and are at risk to be trafficked into the sex trade. The average age of entry into prostitution is between 12 and 14 years old. Traffickers target children at a higher rate than adults because children are easier to control, coerce, and manipulate.

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