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Fictional Archaeology Account

             Jarde Lenson of the World Academy of Archeology, and in all my years of having discovered multiple artifacts such as the Ritual Ring of Michelin or the Iron Tomb of Chevrolet, I would never believe I would be extracting what is soon to come. The Republic Empire has announced that the radiation levels from The Grand World War have finally come to pass within the sub layers of New Earth, the ruins of Old Earth are finally safe enough to explore. The Republic Empire has decreed that my senior team at the Academy of Archeology will be the first in 500 years to delve beneath the surface of New Earth, and into the mass of mile long caverns and underground valleys filled with artifacts and structures of our ancestors. It has been little more than 500 years since the Grand World War, and all knowledge of the Old Earth was lost to it. No one knows what happened, those who did and survived the war have long since been dead and have only left scapes of information for scientists and archaeologist such as myself to paw at. Finally, we can attempt to uncover our past, reveal the secrets and stories of our ancestors. In one weeks time my team accompanied by some 30 other scientists, archaeologists, etc. will enter the first of many sub leveled valleys, Codename "San Jose".
             Day 1, Sun Date 182621.
             The entrance to the first Sub Valley is quite pleasant. There is a slight breeze, the air is brisk, the sun is high in the sky and feels wonderful. The entrance is being formed as I speak. The Teraformer is slowly cutting down for hours now and will notify us if it begins to approach anything. This is the farthest of Sun Set than I have ever been, it is beautiful here with the mass amount natural tera compared to the Teraformed land on Sun Rise. I am anxious to begin our descent, we have been told that the sub levels have been exposed to radiation for hundreds of years and that because of this they could be extremely fragile.

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