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Exploratory Essay - The Effect of Divorce on Children

            Throughout human history, people have seemingly tied the love they had for each other through the legal binding called 'marriage'. When two people come together for marriage, it is not typically on their mind to end the marriage in a harsh divorce, it is more times than not the exact opposite. While the true definition may vary, depending on where you are in the world and what religion one is recognized with, the base is the same, two people are together for what should be a lifetime. There are many different reasons why people may get wedded, in some countries and cultures, it is because they have to, or because the family makes an offer in which they are unable to refuse. For example, in India, China and even Japan, there are places where arranged marriages is a part of the culture. However, in other cases, marriage may be the way to a better life, or the women was expecting. Whatever the reason is for getting married, the normal wedding liturgy includes the lines: "Till death does us part", but what happens when the couple wants to end the marriage before death has the chance to do them part? Well, the once happily marriage couple can file for divorce. .
             While marriage is the legal binding of two people, divorce is the legal separation, recognizing the end of the marriage. Just as there are numerous causes for marriage, there are also numerous for divorce. Some explanations might include: marrying at an early age, less education and income, living together before marriage, a premarital pregnancy, no religious affiliation, coming from a divorced family, and feelings of insecurity. The list of reasons for getting a divorce goes on and on. (Williams, "Reasons for Divorce"). During the marriage, or before, they, typically speaking, have children. Unfortunately, these children can tragedy add to the motive for the once married couples attaining a divorced. Divorce might be a way out of the marriage, and could be for the best, but it is not always the best for the children.

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