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Jennifer Lawrence and Inequality

            In society we find equality, and inequality as a result of social stratification; where people are placed into categories based upon their income, wealth, occupation, and their social status. The gender wage gap for example, has been a prevalent and unavoidable problem in America for centuries. The Washington Post shares the article, "Stop Denying Gender Pay gap exists. Even Jennifer Lawrence was shortchanged." written by Sally Kohn. In this article, Sally Kohn unveils the current events of gender gap in America by writing about the inequity pay associated in the life of actress Jennifer Lawrence. In her article, Kohns reveals that, "Even the wealthiest and most powerful women among us are burdened by the ever-present gender pay gap." Jennifer Lawrence won Oscar for Best Leading Actress for her role in "Silver Linings Playbook," and Bradley Cooper, her co-star in the film did not win. Even still, when they both starred together in "American Hustle," Lawrence was getting a smaller paycheck than Cooper. Despite the power and resources Jennifer Lawrence has, she still gets paid 77 cents for every dollar her male colleagues make. This paper will be focused on the social stratification inequality of gender wage gap that occurred and continues to prevail in the life of Jennifer Lawrence and women in America. .
             One of the reasons gender wage gap exists is because of gender roles. Gender roles are socially constructed. They are behaviors and norms created within society, specific to male or female. According to Sally Kohn, "Conservatives attack the idea of a pay gap as 'myth' and 'a total sham.' They claim that women make 23 percent less than men because women take time out of their careers to care for children, choose less demanding jobs, or fail to negotiate for higher salaries as vigorously as their male counterparts." This is a notion conservative and many others have that has been affecting women for a long period of time.

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