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Use and Abuse of Psychedelic Drugs

            In the article "the use and abuse of psychedelic drugs" Daniel X. Freedman describes the effects of psychedelic drugs such as lsd, acid, and shrooms. He also explains how it impacts the brain of the user. For example long term psychoses and ranges of confusional states and depression. Then to go on and explain how psychedelic drugs can affect your behavior. He then goes into explain the possible abuse of the drug and how it works. Though in this article he explains the harmful effects of psychedelic drugs he does explain the value of them. All though these drugs can have a bad effect on the brain and can be abused they have good effects like for example aesthetic appreciation. Freedman also explores why or what are people's motives to doing psychedelic drugs. Although Freedman does inform us that psychedelic drugs can have harmful effects, his overall point is that you should be knowledgeable about psychedelic drugs to then appreciate psychedelic trips. Psychedelic drugs though they can be harmful have many positive effects on individuals if used the proper way.
             Humans have always had an interest in other realms, realities, and dimensions. Since early times people have been trying to study the universe and how we as a people got here and what is our purpose. Using psychedelic drugs can make that "other reality" seem real. While under the influence of these drugs psychologists have grown interested in how people see insight into other realms. When taking psychedelic drugs you have a brief "ego disruption" (6) and the loss of self that you experience is what makes psychedelic drugs so powerful. But these powerful effects come with consequences. The use of LSD can cause long term psychosis to confusional states and depression, but on the maybe brighter side you can experience varieties of religious or spiritual insight. These effects are all mental and can be good or bad.

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