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Profiling Serial Killers

            Society fervently encourages us to solve our problems in a civil manor, but for some individuals that is hard to come by. In some instances though murder can be seen as an acceptable solution to a problem, but in some circumstances there is no question that it was in cold blood. One circumstance that can always be considered cold blooded murder is when an individual has committed several murders without just cause or in a mass shooting. There are several theories available about when someone decides or starts to become a serial killer. None of these theories have been seen to be more or less plausible than the others. One thing though that can be compared amongst all serial killers are that they may be classified as organized, disorganized, or mixed serial murderers. These three categories are well lined out guides to place each individual into a designated mental class.
             Organized serial killers are those that can be seen as psychopathic, irrational, and antisocial. These individuals though, are seen to be sane. A classification as an organized serial killer would mean that the individual failed to get along with others, make poor decisions, and see themselves as a superior, (Canter, 2004). According to Canter (2004) these individuals could create great guidance and leadership in their communities and have an average IQ. Canter mentions that these individuals after have committing the crime are the ones that friends and acquaintance refer to with comments such as, "But he was such a good guy." It is suggested that this is common, due to the individual having no emotional attachment to anyone or any situation.
             Crimes committed by individuals of this character are often very well organized and planned out for long periods of time before pulling through. In the meantime this individual still maintains a humble attitude and appearance. (Canter, 2004) Canter also mentions that even though these people are emotionless for a majority of their lives, that there is often a stress in their life that causes them to commit these heinous crimes.

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