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Novel Study – The Secret River

            Year 12 English Communications – Text Analysis.
             Novel Study – The Secret River.
             "Which was your favourite character in the book 'The Secret River' by Kate Grenville and why? Answer with close reference to the text.".
             The Secret River written by Kate Grenville describes the life of William Thornhill through various stages of his life. The novel however starts from an event that occurs in the later parts of the novel then retells the story chronologically first describing the struggles he faced in London during his childhood and pre – adolescence. Then later he is forced to relocate to Australia due to his conviction. After four years Will earns his freedom and renews his life in Australia. The Story is told by an outside narrator. Although it is not written from one character's perspective in the main story but the book is written so that it allows readers to visualise a 19th century setting of London and Sydney. The character I have chosen to discuss is Richard 'Dick' Thornhill, the 2nd son of William and Sal Thornhill. He was born in Cape Town in 1805. I chose Richard because he is caring to other people around him and he fights for what he thinks is right and I think that I can relate to him because we have similar personality and we both treat other people of different kinds as our equal.
             Though the overall plot details the life of William Thornhill each member of his family becomes integral to the story since every action and decision that William chooses will reflect on his family making them more involved into the plot. Occasionally certain members of William's family become more central and integral to the story. Richard is a particular character that fits this trait. He does not appear in the story until the middle segments of the novel. In the later parts of the novel he plays a larger role because of his beliefs and action he commits because of his idealism.

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