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Loneliness, Walls and Bridges

             What do you think about the statement that people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges? Is one's character a decisive factor?.
             I absolutely agree with this statement. In most cases there's nobody but you to be accused of your own loneliness. In general, such people don't find anything better than to complain about their lonely life. The only thing that separates sociable, popular people from those who feel lonely is that the latter lack initiative and action. If a person stands quietly in his corner, there's very little probability that somebody will come up to him and begin communication. If a person is lonely, first of all, he or she should think not about what's wrong with other people as they don't communicate with him, but about what's wrong with him and what he has to change in his attitude to life in order to become popular. Nobody would like to be friends with a person who finds himself in constant depressions and is always grumbling about something. Moreover, nobody would like to spend time with a dull person. Nowadays there're so many opportunities: different clubs, circles. .
             A hobby usually unites people. But there can be other kinds of walls; sometimes it's someone's reputation, ego or just self-protection from the outer world. In such cases people become prisoners, trapped in the cage of their inner world. Mixing with other people, being someone's friend, caring for somebody and loving your life: these are the ways to build the necessary bridges that will set us free. People usually feel lonely when they focus too much on their problem. But in fact, they should focus on loving and accepting themselves, their family, etc. And keep in mind the thing that the greater the walls they have built are, the greater their bridges will need to be. But what are the reasons for people to build such barriers around them? Of course, a person may be very timid and shy thus being afraid of talking to others, making some mistake.

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