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Ken Kesey in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

            Despite having to overcome adversity in his life, Ken Kesey spoke upon the bitter truth of society within his writing and influenced many American authors. Kesey described his childhood as ordinary, spending numerous hours with the people dear to him. Kesey wrote multiple screenplays and 44 books, not many of the books or screenplays became exuberantly popular; however, one emerged from the shadows. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, one of the greatest works of American literature, catalyzed Ken Kesey's career and fame. He wrote the book while working in an insane asylum and regularly consuming drugs, which played a major role in his life and his writing, often leading him into numerous predicaments with the government. Despite being heavily affected by excessive use of drugs, he somehow came up with one of the greatest pieces of writing of all time. He struggled during the final years of his lifetime, yet he persistently kept a smile on his face until the day he passed away. His journey became one long roller coaster ride; he was far from being called an average human being; and, he took many risks during his lifetime. Perhaps, this is why he became so successful. .
             Throughout Ken's youth, he strived to become somebody of significance in the world. He showed complete dedication and hard-work throughout his early life. Ken Elton Kesey lived a mundane childhood; he was born in La Junta, Colorado September 17th, 1935, and was raised by his two parents, Fred A. and Geneve Kesey, alongside his brother Joe. His parents endeavored to give their children a decent childhood, thus why they worked so diligently to run a dairy farm in Oregon(World Biography). During his childhood, he and his family relocated several times but they finally settled down in Springfield, Oregon. He spent most of his pre-adolescence enjoying the outdoors with his brother, specifically fishing and hunting. During his high school career, he participated in plays, played football, wrestled, and was even nominated to be "Most Likely to Succeed" by his classmates because of his assiduous attitude (Biography of Ken Kesey).

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