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A Comparison Between Mythology and a Western Film

            There are many traits that a hero has. People define a hero by their actions and what they have done to help society. In mythology a hero might slay large numbers of their enemies on the battlefield, they may kill monsters and save damsels in distress, or even save a city from total disaster. Although some of these traits may have stayed the same or kept a similar shape, not all are still used when applied to modern day films. In the movie Star Wars, Luke's expedition reinforces the idea of a hero. The journey he travels shapes him into a hero under the guidelines of a Western Film. There are many characters who loosely fit into these guidelines as well. Their adventures throughout the movie can be compared to heroic adventures of classical mythological beings. .
             In mythology, a hero's journey begins with a call to adventure. This is the first incident on a dangerous path that separates the hero from his or her home and family. Often, the hero does not recognize the hand of fate at work. It is usually an event which may seem ordinary, but is in fact a turning point that starts the hero's first mission into a world of danger and excitement. .
             As Star Wars begins, a battle in space erupts. The evil powers of darkness relentlessly pursue the forces of good. According to Martin M. Wrinkler, author of Classical Mythology and the Western Film, "During [the mission] the hero often rescues beautiful maidens from their distress; these later become their saviors' brides," (2). In the movie, Luke receives a challenge that causes him to leave the ordinary world. This challenge is often delivered by some kind of 'herald'. In Star Wars, the hand of fate has the little droid R2D2 bring Luke, a restless farm boy, Princess Leia's request for aid. Later, Obi-Wan Kenobi further elaborates on the nature of the challenge, asking Luke to join the quest to save Leia and, for that matter, the galaxy.

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