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The Culture of Resistance Among Southern California Indians

             The book This War is for a Whole Life (2006) by Richard hanks focuses on the historical journey of the American Indian tribes in search of equality in America. The author creates a historical timeline of the events that led to the American Indians becoming a minority in their land. Through his individual research and gathering of information from historians in a similar field, the author establishes that the struggle is not yet over. The following article review assesses analyzes the book This War is for a Whole Life as per the findings by Richard Hanks.
             Article Summary.
             The book This War is for a Whole Life: The Culture of Resistance among Southern California Indians, 1850-1966 refers to the relentless struggle of Indians in South California with regards to their quest for independence. The book points out the level of injustices exposed to Indians in America after the arrival of the Europeans. Prior to the arrival of the arrival of the Europeans the Indians formed the native community of the Country. In this case, the native Indian tribes carried out their cultural social and economic activities among themselves. However, the liberty to conduct such activities freely is cut short as Hank (2006) establishes. The author points out the fact that entry of European missionary leads to the takeover of the American Indian activities which also includes their rights and property. The takeover of the leadership from the American Indians is characterized by authoritarian and harsh leadership of the Europeans. As a result the American Indians beginning witnessing signs of forced labor by the Europeans. With increased coercion of Indians into submission towards providing labor for the Europeans, the American Indians are also force into embracing the religion of the Europeans (Hanks, 2006). This is despite the fact that the American Indians had strong cultural values and practices before the arrival of the Europeans.

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