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Research Paper - Understanding Animal Cruelty

            According to an article published at ASPCA, "many people are probably familiar with our dedicated Agents and the work they do to save the lives of animals across the country. But did you know that you, too, can help crack down on animal cruelty in your community" ("Top 10 Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty"). This just shows that people have the opportunity to stop this from happening. It might not be easy, but with enough people it's possible. LeAnn helps by saying, "Im sure animal abuse can't be stopped completely, but I feel if people would step in when they see abuse or a child being overly agressive with an animal, it would help to limit abuse" (LeAnn). This is exactly what needs to happen to limit this abuse going on in the world. But at the same time, ASPCA does all they can to insure that the animals are in a safe foundation. Without ASPCA, the amount of animal deaths would be a lot higher than they are today. Now let's see what the OSPCA has to say about animal abuse. They start by saying, "perpetrators of animal abuse portray themselves as kindly animal lovers, making it difficult for people to believe them capable of abuse. From the friendly neighbour who mistreats their pet behind closed doors, to the respected community member who operates a puppy mill or sustained zoo. There is no one identifying feature that marks a person capable of committing such unfathomable crimes" ("What is Animal Cruelty"). Now this is what makes it so hard to find people who abuse their animals. Many people can appear as just normal, but later go home and abuse their animal for a slight mistake. This is very upsetting, but cracking down on this subject needs to happen. If a person seems slightly suspicious make sure to tell somebody. The more animals we save, the more the death rate will go down. With all of this said, Animal abuse should be punished more severely in order to prevent animal abuse because there are many ways to prevent it, it's easy to spot signs of animal abuse, there are many examples of animal abuse, and many different types of animals are abused every day.

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