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My Hero - Dr. David Duncan Main

            If you have seen the news about China, you can find that the physician-patient relationship in China has been very bad in recent years. Patients don't trust doctors any more, even some individual patients have attacked doctors who treated them. It's hard to believe, but it's true. So I decided to search some information about physician-patient relationship, at last I found that the physician-patient relationship 100 years ago was much better than now in China. And there was a doctor named David Duncan Main played an important role during that time. The more I learnt about him, the more I respected him. He is my hero. For me, a hero is a person who is courageous, persevering and selfless.
             Firstly, I want to talk about Duncan Main's courage. He was one of the most famous missionaries in China in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He came to China at a time when China was experiencing tremendous social turmoil. According to a blog which was written by Chai Jing, who is a famous reporter in China, I know that people in China were fettered by superstitions and tortured by diseases at that time. People didn't believe western medicine. Even they thought missionaries charmed them with western medicines, which they thought were made from patients's remains. In the official literatures, I also found that, during 10 years around the year when Duncan Main came to China, there were hundreds of conflicts, which aimed to missionaries. So we can imagine how difficult and dangerous Duncan Main's job was. But he still chose to confront and overcome all these dangers and difficulties. In addition to courage, he also was persevering and selfless. He dedicated forty-five years of his life to medical service in China. During these years, he made a significant contribution. According to Chaijing's blog, he took over the "Guangji Hospital", which expanded quickly, and he also established a men's leprosarium and tuberculosis sanatorium, which was the first tuberculosis sanatorium in China.

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