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How to Go Sale Shopping

            No one wants to pay full price for clothing anymore, especially in this economy. Shopping has always been financially hard for me as a teenager even though I did have a job. Although I have a job now, multiple in fact, it's even harder for me because I am your stereotypical poor college student. However, we need clothes, but paying for clothing isn't easy. A few years back, my best friend and I came up with a full proof plan to go after Christmas sale shopping. We perfected this idea not too long ago. I am here to go by the step-by-step process of how to go after Christmas sale shopping!.
             The materials you will need would be: money, a computer, closet full of clothing, and comfortable clothing (i.e. sneakers, loose fitting pants, t-shirt, etc.).
             Plan ahead. Whether you plan on getting money for Christmas, or saving money, make sure you know where your income is coming from. Not only is this the first step, but it is the most important step. You cannot go shopping without money; and, no, the so-called five finger discount is not allowed, unless you want to find yourself in jail! You also don't want to watch your friend(s) shop when you can't get anything. Find someone you trust to go with you. This person can be a friend or a family member. Choose someone who wouldn't mind going shopping for a long period of time. This person is not only here to accompany you, this person is also there to ensure you buy what you need.
             Separate your wardrobe. When doing this, ask yourself two questions: Does it fit, and do I still wear it? If the answer is no two either of these questions, get rid of it. Preferably, donate your old clothing instead of trashing it. This way, not only are you making room inside of your closet, cut you're donating them to someone who needs them!.
             Figure out what you need. At this point, your wardrobe has been cleared. Go through it again and see what you need. You might be a little light on shirts or pants.

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