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Tattoos and Body Modifications

            Ultimately, tattoos and piercings evoke negative feelings and thoughts for those who have been shaped to believe that tattoos and piercings are associated with undesirable things such as gangs, crimes, and low lives; When in reality tattoos and piercings have been apart of culture and societies for centuries. The concept isn't new, it has just taken on a different meaning to those who have taken a liking to them now. Many believe that those who acquire body modifications have just given into peer pressure whilst trying to fit into what is becoming a social norm; However, though I am not saying it doesn't happen, I do not believe this to be true. People all around the world get body modifications not to fit in, but to show who they are on this inside. I have seen many beautiful pieces of art in my time, and not all of those involve or need, a white canvas to be portrayed. .
             The cliche saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." , precisely applies to the situation at hand. You cannot decide someone's character by the markings on their body. In places with more pristine expectations I can see why tattoos and piercings are a little more taboo but, with the right precautions, tattoos and piercings can be covered, concealed, or even tastefully presented. When taking in consideration of the work place, these actions can be taken, as well. Although, many jobs have become a lot more lenient on body modifications, that does not mean that all of them will be. There are a handful of places that are extremely strict with the way you are presented. I know this personally being that I have made the choice of dying my hair to a deep red, although I love it, many cannot say the same. In present day America, laws have been created to protect the rights of civilians in the workplace such as, their race, sex, handicaps, religion, and other factors. However, the discrimination against those with body modifications-or hair color, like me-is still in full effect.

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