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Socrates and the Four Texts On Death

            In life, there are many different stages showing the growth process of an individual. However, the two most important stages of life are the beginning of a newborn and death. Death is a common and controversial topic that has put quite a lot of people into anxiety. There are many reasons to the endless fear of death such as the feeling of not knowing what to expect when death comes, the dreadful and missing opportunity of not accomplishing goals in life, etc. Even though, death could be terrifying but if we look onto a brighter side, we would have seen that there are many considerable reasons why death shouldn't be that fearful after all. Should we be afraid of death is the most arguable and intriguing question, hence, there are plenty of people believe that humans should be scared of death, but a few would disagree with it whole-heartedly for numerous reasons. .
             Death is considered to be unknown. Prior to the moment of a new beginning life, humans don't exactly know who we truly were and we don't even have any record or memories of our last life. A friend could be a criminal last life and the truth is experiencing death could be a blessed end or to be damned. No one would live to ever tell how death really is. It's a mystery to human kind. Whether you are rich, poor, black, white, powerful, we all meet at the end of our life. Humans are powerless and useless when it comes to determine our fate. In this case, predicting/overcoming death is an impossible objective. .
             Socrates quotes that " Because neither in war nor yet at law ought any man to use every of escaping death. Because often in battle there is no doubt that he may escape death; and in other dangers there are other ways of escaping death," (pg 1). From his point of view, sometimes death neglects us in some risky situation. Taking a war for example, a soldier can have 50/50 chance of escaping death if he gives up his weapons and surrender.

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