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Richard III and Looking for Richard

            In what ways does a comparative study accentuate the distinctive contexts of Richard III and Looking for Richard?.
             Through a comparative study, one is able to identify the contextual differences and similarities between two texts. By studying the connections between Shakespeare's play Richard III and Pacino's adaptation "Looking for Richard", the change in context and respective values are made apparent. Shakespeare's constructs Richard III as propaganda in a strict political and religious society during the Elizabethan era. Thus, Shakespeare portrays Richard as an ambitious and evil character. However Pacino's production is free from such religious and political confines due to secularism, thus the purpose of his production is to educate and entertain modern audience. This meant that Pacino was not limited in his production, hence portrayed Richard as an ambitious but understandable character. Thus, a comparative study allows one to identify the connections between two texts to gain an insight on the changing values of respective contexts. .
             Through a comparative study, we are able to identify the effect of context and respective values on the portrayal of Richard as a villain. Due to the significance of religion in the Elizabethan era, and Richard's subversion of religious conventions, Shakespearean audience were positioned to perceive Richard as an immoral and evil character. Richard's immorality is accentuated through his representation of a deformed character through Shakespeare's embellishment. This is intentionally done to form a bitter, angst and depraved Richard that the audience is positioned to dislike without understanding. Furthermore, Richard's immoral actions are emphasised through his blasphemous actions, such as when he regally mimics a monk's actions by holding bibles in both hands in Act 3 to convince the mass population that he is the rightful heir of the throne.

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