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The Justice and Injustice of Torture

            The death penalty is a serious matter in today society. Currently, thirty-two states allow the death penalty, while eighteen other states and the District of Columbia have outlawed the penalty. The Unites States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) says there is a growing awareness that is preventing violence by using or threatening violence is morally wrong and ineffective. In Liberia the government is going back and forth on if this issue should be legal or illegal. Some view the death penalty as unfair because they feel like the state is taking that person from their family, others do not seem to be bothered with the issue and think do the crimes pay the prices. While the death penalty is becoming illegal in several states and is legal in many more states, regardless of what others think, the penalty should be continued to be used on criminals because it keeps them from harming other people.
             The death penalty is the punishment of execution, legally administered to someone convicted of a capital crime. From 1930 ( first year statistics are available) – 1967, 3,859 people were executed under civil jurisdiction. "The Rescue Alternatives Liberia (RAL)" is partly supporting the death penalty and partly against it, "has been pushing for action on death penalty" ("Govt Falters"). While, "The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)" strongly disagrees with the topic and would like to get rid of the death penalty, and "states that there is a growing awareness that prevent[s] violence" ("Christian Doctrine"). Sam Vaknin "runs a website about narcissistic personality disorder" and says criminals use the insanity claim all the time (Vaknin). There are multiple laws connected to the death penalty including first-degree murder and genocide. The first known death penalty was in The Code of Hammurabi. The death penalty has been in the United States since 1607 and is still on today.

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