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Peer Review Journal - Cyber Crime

            Community Work Program on crime and violence is a very unique one. There are many times when there is crime in a public workplace, but how do we prevent the crime and violence? Many public employment programs (PEPs) have been established to manage the public work programs, and are there to respond to high levels of poverty and unemployment. They do not manage the crimes directly, but instead manage the creation of jobs, which reduce crimes. The article is focused mainly on a South African PEP. The CWP (Community Work Program) is interested in the impact of criminal prevention. This is due to its work in poverty areas of South Africa.
             The CPW may contribute to the reduction of crime and violence, but it is important to consider how it does. The research that was conducted was in two different categories: Age and Gender. The results were that women were 13.4% employed while men were 14.2% employed. Digging further into the research, there were more results of crime when there were a higher amount of unemployed members. Additionally, the younger males have been found to cause more crime, due to the low skilled abilities. On another outcome, if a woman makes more money than their husband, the husband feels that they cannot provide for their family and become more violent. This violence can be towards their partners or trying to commit other crimes for their families.
             I believe that these findings are logical. The younger men have a higher crime rate. They feel they need money to provide for their families, but they cannot provide due to their skill settings. The men can get a part time job at the local Burger King or McDonalds, but with the lower amount of jobs, the less likely the men can provide for their families. If a member has more skills, such as education, they have the ability to earn more money, which allows them to provide for their families, bringing crime rates down. If the woman of the house brings in all the income, then the man of the house becomes more violent, and ultimately commits more crimes.

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