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Rhetorical Analysis - Fashion Ads

            What do you do every morning when you're getting ready to start your day? Usually, you look for something to wear or do your makeup in some cases. So when you step out, you would look up to date with today's everyday fashion or look. Vogue was one of the first fashion magazines, created in 1916, giving people a new outlook on fashion. In the Vogue British ad, you will notice that the women have long natural hair, beautiful skin tone, tank tops and other blouses. Fashion was more natural and bare. W Magazine, created in 1972 ad shows how with time the progression of fashion has become more flashy, dramatic, and flamboyant. Fashion now has become even bigger than it was before. Fashion from past eras versus now has changed, which is evident as seen throughout the ads extensive use of wording. Notice there's a major difference from things of the past then, as they are now. Should fashion take as much out of life as it does now? These two ads attempt to convince the reader that fashion is forever changing by bringing up points describing how fashion will change and what it has come to now. The ads utilizes the rhetorical appeals of ethos by using famous women a shows the use of vivid imagery and pathos to show the reader what they want. .
             The first ad, Vogue British, uses beautiful women as a means to make a fashion statement that wearing that wearing tank tops and jeans will always be okay. They ad displays five women who are wearing something that the everyday women would where. The magazine cover depicts that even though fashion will forever change, it still presents some signs of reoccurrence. On the cover of the ad it states, "The 1990'sThe New Decades in Shaping". The title of the ad itself illustrates how much some things can change. I am certain that people do not think the same way people did years ago. Mindsets become different, and so does the things we wear on the outside.

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