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Philosophy Argument for Ghosts and Spirits

            People around the world are asking the same question to each other, "Do ghosts and spirits really haunt houses and locations in our world today?" This is the question that most people are wondering in our big range of society nowadays. A quote from a ghost hunter investigator who lives in California said "Ghosts tend to haunt locations or places where they died from a miserable death or issues related."  Reality is that ghosts or spirits really exists in our human world. There are different kinds of television channels that show true ghosts stories, ghosts hunters, and there are even tours of haunted places, just like the Winchester House located in San Jose, California. There are many people think ghosts do haunt houses, places, and personal experiences. In another way, majority of people don't believe in ghosts and spirits because they didn't have an actual experience on themselves. After I did some of the research, I have learned that ghosts and spirits truly can haunt houses, but many experts believe ghosts and spirits only appears when they have some special meaning to them whether it is their death place or an old place they used to live in. The cold blooded paranormal world is actually full of sciences, mysteries and myths. It is nothing like our human world at all. Our world is made of people with living lives and families and the paranormal world is made up of cold blooded spirits, ghosts and scary things that have nothing but themselves. People who were trapped between human life and death are being forced to walk into and out to the earth that are invisible to everyone else. The claims are worthy of being believed in ghosts and spirits because many people have feelings that ghosts or spirits are wandering in their own house. Also people watch and read things that builds up their minds to believe such a thing. Especially during night time, when people start hearing and seeing things, they assume that it is a ghost.

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