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Challenges in Romeo and Juliet

            "Literature can often explore how life is challenging for other people. Describe how one character faced a challenge or found something difficult, and explain what you thought about this." In the play Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare. Literature can often explore how life is challenging to other people. And for Romeo, that challenge is to be with Juliet. Romeo met Juliet when he and his friends crashed the Capulet party. At that time Romeo was heartbroken because Rosaline – his former girlfriend – broke up with him. When Romeo sees Juliet, he fell in love with her instantly "Did my heart love till now?" "For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night" Romeo thinks Juliet is beautiful and compares her to the most pretty and precious things in the world such as angel, sun, moon and stars "It is the east, and Juliet is the sun", "oh speak again bright angel". But not long after their first meeting, Romeo found out that Juliet is a Capulet – .
             his family's enemy, and it means that Romeo can't spend time with Juliet. Ignoring the fact that Juliet is one of his enemy, Romeo still loves her. He always thinks about her, spend as much time as he can with her by secretly snuck out just to see her and hear her voice. .
             Things got way more difficult for Romeo and Juliet to be together is after Tybalt's death. Romeo killed Tybalt because he couldn't keep his temper, didn't thinks things straight after Tybalt murdered Mercutio. When Friar Laurence tells Romeo that he has been banished from Verona, Romeo reacts badly.  He tells Friar that this is worse than death and punish him by banishment is like cutting his head off with a golden axe and smiling while he is being murdered "Calling death 'banishment', Thou cut'st my head off with a golden axe, And smilest upon the stroke that murders me". Romeo said that living in Verona with Juliet is like living in heaven and without her he would feel like that he has been sent to hell.

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