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Impetiousity in Romeo and Juliet

            Impetuous characters in the play Romeo and Juliet.
             Impetuosity is a tragic flaw present in the characters of Romeo, Juliet, Lord Capulet and Friar Laurence; this flaw ultimately leads to the deaths Romeo and Juliet. The definition of impetuosity according to Webster Dictionary acting or doing quickly and without thought: controlled by emotion rather than thought. Impetuous people do not think about how their actions may get them in trouble or danger or even harm someone else. In Romeo and Juliet, a tragic play by William Shakespeare, two teenagers fall in love. They come from feuding families that would never approve of their love and due to a series of unfortunate events and impetuous actions Romeo and Juliet both die at the end. .
             Romeo is probably the most impetuous of all. In the beginning of the play he is depressed and heartbroken over a girl named Rosaline. He loves her but she does not love him back. "She will not stay the siege of loving terms, nor bide the encounter of assailing eyes" (1.1.209-10). He shuts himself in his room. He tells Benvolio "Tut, I have lost myself: I am not here" (1.1.196). He tells his friends he will never look at another girl again. When Romeo and some of his friends get a chance to go the Capulet masquerade party, Romeo wants to go in the event he might see Rosaline. Once Romeo sees Juliet and the party, he immediately declares she is the most beautiful girl he has even seen, uttering "For I ne'er saw true beauty till this" (1.5.53). They talk for a minute and kiss each other and fall in love at first sight. After Romeo and Juliet are secretly marriage by Friar Laurence, Romeo runs into his friends Mercutio and Benvolio having an argument with the Capulet, Tybalt. Both Mercutio and Tybalt are itching for a fight. In the end, Romeo steps between them and Mercutio is fatally wounded. Romeo in a fit of rage and grief and without thinking kills Tybalt.

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