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Poaching - Animal Depletion and Extinction

            Have you ever imagined a world without exotic animals or creatures we as a society are so accustomed to seeing? Channels such as Animal Planet or even Discovery would no longer have a purpose to be on television any longer. We would no longer have the capability of being able to explore a virtual safari land or open Aquatic Ocean from the comforts from our own homes. Majority of the exotic creature of the land will have all been depleted due to an illegal act most commonly known as poaching. Poaching: the illegal practice of trespassing on another's property to hunt or steal game without the landowner's permission. According to Environmental Magazine, in Central Africa during the late 80s, the population of elephants took a major plummet and dropped nearly 75% (Frey 1). It seems as though poaching is not an important issue in many regions and is a problem that quite often over looked. China is the second most well-known region that incorporates poaching in their society. Although the act is indeed illegal, they use ivory from elephant tusks to make many items used in their culture. Some countries are attempting to take a more aggressive approach to this matter by monitoring their land, but many attempts have failed. It will take a long time before poaching eventually dies out. .
             Central Africa has taken over the poaching industry. Due to the value of ivory that comes from the tusks of elephants it really takes a toll on their population. It's very similar to the ideology of supply in demand in America. Since elephants are slowly depleting it is becoming more of a delicacy in their country so to speak. Elephants are not the only animals who are affected by this terrible situation. Other wildlife such as rhinos, gazelle, and bores etc. undergo these same complications. Rhinos in Central Africa as well as other parts have experience a dramatic drop in their animal kingdom. For example, hunters from Kenya travel into central Africa to kill their animals to use for making good and illegal selling and or trade.

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