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Homeschooling - The Worst Way to Learn?

            With the rise in families turning home schooling into a modern way of education, people in vast numbers are starting to speculate the perks and potholes that arrive with the choice of homeschooling. With a growth rate of 15 percent per year, there are around two million children currently learning at home. Yet what is homeschooling exactly? There are very different teaching methods used with children who have been home schooled. Some children are taught by their parents, mothers mainly in a group. While others have a monthly check-up with teachers where they complete most of their schoolwork independently. Home schooling however forces too many gaps into a child's education, that later leaves high school graduates unprepared when entering college.
             As a kindergartener's, young children are forced out the house into a world of teachers, letters, numbers, explanations and discipline. Luckily, children who's parents choose home schooling as an option, remain untouched from this new exciting and overwhelming world. With some of the low standards of that come from public and private schools it seems a good idea to be in charge of your child's education and mindset. However not all parents are "Super Parents" who have the ability to raise and teach their children. While some are able to push the new momentum of school at home, many only teach the subjects that they have adequate skills to teach, letting the other subjects slip from the child's radar. And after a while an education is at the will of parent's schedule's and ceases to be the daily repeat of information directed at the child. This gives children who dislike a certain subject a way to avoid that subject. But more importantly schoolwork is at the mercy of a parent's teaching skills and motivation, forcing children to become depended on their parents and not self a dependent and ready for college. .
             The signs of a slack attitude towards schoolwork tends to be most apparent in elementary kids who's parents aren't adamant in constantly explaining and repeating subjects on a daily basis.

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