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Belief in the Exisitence of God

            One of the largest questions that has logically tormented mankind since the beginning is, the existence of God. Various philosophers have argued that there is or is not a God, as well as different types of gods. We mostly see belief in different types of gods in religions still praised upon to this day. It is extremely difficult to affirm if God can even exist because of the considerable lack or limited knowledge regarding "him". Mankind has been in existence for only so long, there are not many pieces of history left to study to fully make this determination. Only God himself could know what mankind could be missing to find the conclusive answer. Ways of thinking has changed progressively enough to allow us to clench more complicated ideas to make up for lost history, with high potential of coming up with the conclusion of whether or not God may exist. The believers of God, like myself, truly allow him into our lives as a safegate of someone always being there for us whether the situation is good or bad. It helps us bring a sense of closure in our complicated lives.
             From a scientific standpoint, God does not exist, scientists derived this conclusion from the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang theory generalizes the universe from the idea that it has expanded from a hot and dense previous standing in history, and will continue to expand to this day. Believers of God commonly question this theory by asking what put it there? Just as time is an essence, it's nonexistent conscience could not decide one day to say, I will create a universe with magical particles out of nowhere build up until it is roaring hot followed with a bang that creates a sole planet that has the capacity to sustain life. Something, in this case someone, has to place it there. Just as time must have dawned at some point, everything in our lives as done the same up till this point. Everything on our planet is too perfect and complicated to not have been created by an intelligent being.

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