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Chicken McNuggets: Everything But Chicken

            Who does not want to get the deal of twenty chicken McNuggets for $4.99? It is very tempting, and this is why fast food chains like McDonald's are so fascinating. They offer consumers the comfort of not having to cook a homemade meal that will probably cost triple of their low-cost menus. McDonald's known for aggressively pushing their menu with deals like the chicken McNugget. However, McDonald's is not well received in many places around the world, and restaurants have been attacked in countries including China, Belgium, Holland, India, Russia Sweden the U.K. and the United States. McDonald's has been sharply criticized for offering to the consumer's unhealthy food. One of the most famous items that McDonald's offers targeting precisely the children are the Chicken McNuggets, and they are presented as tender and juicy meat with tempura battered. In truth Chicken McNuggets besides lacking nutrients, are also a threat due to the chemicals and hormones that they contain and society should increase awareness and stop the consumption of them. .
             Chicken McNuggets are market as a healthy food hiding the actual threats that contain to human's health. The Chicken McNugget is just an over processed chicken meat that has nothing to do with chicken. Even though, McDonald's reveals their ingredients list with over thirty ingredients, consumers have no idea what they actually mean to their bodies. Fifty-six percent of these ingredients are made out of corn, and the other forty-six percent are the chemicals that make processed food possible without tasting or looking weird after months. There are also other antioxidants added to keep the nugget from rancid flavor, like butyl hydroquinone, which is used to preserve the freshness, and it is derived from petroleum. Also, food additives such as; dimethylpolysiloxene that is carcinogen, tumorigenic and reproductive effector. Michael Pollan author of Omnivore's Dilemma states "Overall the nugget is more like an abstraction than a full-fledged food, the idea of chicken waiting to be fleshed out.

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